Renovating a vintage abode reminiscent of your grandmother’s era

Inception-Idea took on the challenge of renovating a vintage home that has been in the family for generations, nestled amidst the towering cityscape, preserving a treasure trove of memories. This ‘home,’ which belonged to Khun Tada-Thaipong Punboon na Ayuthaya, a prominent designer, has been meticulously refurbished to span 292 square meters, addressing modern lifestyle needs while preserving the enduring charm of yesteryears.

The present-day makeover showcases a home that is functionally complete, catering to contemporary living and requirements while still retaining the timeless aroma of the past. The modern and moody aesthetic preference of Khun Tada, as he puts it, ‘prefers homes to be dark,’ means not too dim, not too quirky, and certainly not overly modern. It emphasizes the harmonious integration of architecture, interior design, and substantial furniture pieces. In this blend, a beautiful and functional space is created under a palette of black and white, complemented by warm wood tones.

[Credit: baanlaesuan]

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